Q.  Why did you choose the name Penny Univeristy?

A.  The name Penny University is a nod to the 17th/18th century coffee houses in England.  These coffee houses charged people one penny to enter.  Once inside, not only was there coffee, but there were discussions and debates on everything from the latest news to advances in scientific theory.  These ‘penny universities’ became a place where individuals from any level of society could meet each other and engage in conversation about their rapidly changing world.  They became well-known as an alternative place for academic learning, outside of the traditional universities and exclusive societies.  We aim for our Penny University to be a modern version of these historical institutions and even though we’re online, you can always drink a cup of coffee (or tea) while listening to the latest episode to get the full experience.

Q.  What is the logo supposed to be?

A.  The logo for Penny University is crude representation of a copper “cartwheel” penny with a brain wearing a party hat.  Why?  The brain was selected to signify education, while the party hat is meant to denote fun, and the copper penny is a nod to our namesake (see above).