Penny University Live

It has been less than a week since Penny University has gone live and we have some very exciting news.  We are currently in talks to take part in this year’s Manchester Science Festival (late October 2013)!  There are two ideas being considered, one totally realistic and the other absolutely insane. 

I am currently looking for researchers who may be interested in participating in either an online event or as part of a live show.  Here are the two rough and ready guides (you could take part in one, both, or neither… but ideally at least one):

Online event [realistic]: likely to comprise two formats, both a static interaction (think Q&Q thread) and a live interaction (think Google Hangout with a few researchers from different subject areas, available for Q&As, discussion, and short presentations).

Live show [insane]: ideally will involve a few researchers from different subject areas, willing to present an aspect of their research in three to five minutes in front of a crowd.  If our pitch gets the go-ahead (subject to a few logistical factors and access to some equipment) there will also be something else happening on stage at the same time (relevant to your research).

Intrigued?  I thought as much.

If you’re interested in learning more (or are already sold and want to take part) you can get in touch to let us know, just remember to include your name, where you work or study, and the subject area of your research.


P.S.  Don’t forget to visit Penny University on Thursday for our next researcher interview.